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Top 3 workouts for obese and overweight people

Hesitant to hit the gym? Here are the best workout options for overweight and obese exercisers. 

Embarking on your maiden weight loss journey can be an intimidating experience, especially for obese and overweight exercisers who are overly apprehensive about working out.

workouts for overweight or obese

Here are the top 3 work outs for Obese and Overweight people.

1. Aqua Jogging – Aqua aerobics and exercises are a good option as they not help in making you feel lighter owing to the buoyancy effect, but also help in lessening the impact of your body weight on the joints.  It also allows for a painless but effective work out.

2.Walking – As simple as this option may seem, it is the best workout option for people who are overweight or obese. Walking not only helps in burning alot of calories, but is also easy to maintain, as it needs no special equipment or clothing.

Many a times, overweight exercisers might be hesitant to hit the gym, thanks to all the size zero fitness clothing crowding the racks, thus, walking can be the best option. It also helps putting less pressure on the joints, thus, reducing the risk of injury.

3. Tai Chi  –  Developed my a Taoist monk  – Moy Lin-shin – Toronto, Canada, Tai Chi incorporates a series of flowing and relaxing movements. It also includes a lot of meditation-like elements which help with relaxation and ultimate weight loss. Also, for overweight or obese exercisers, stretching out the joints is extremely crucial, Tai Chi is the ideal option for that goal.

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