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Top 5 calorie burning household chores

Clean away to glory and burn calories with some simple household chores.

If the gym is not your place of worship, but you still need to lose weight, then try some simple household chores. Of course, they aren’t major calories burners, but if you follow a regular and rigorous pattern, then it can be possible.

calorie burning household chores

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Here are 5 simple household chores that can help with weight loss. 

1. Vacuuming – Treat your vacuum cleaner like the treadmill at the gym. 1 hour of vacuuming can help you burn an average of 238 calories. 

Also, this simple exercise while vacuuming will help tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles: press  your abdominal and buttock muscles inward, almost like a squeeze and clean in far off motions. This will help burn a few extra calories and keep you toned.

2.  Gardening – If you love your garden and want to lose weight, gardening activities are the way to go. Weeding out plants, squatting and trimming are just a few of the moves that will help you burn around 272 calories per hour. Do the math and you will realize that 2 hours of gardening can help burn away 2 scoops of ice-cream! 

3. Tidy up the house in general – Make everyday a spring cleaning day, daily mundane activities like picking up your child’s toys from the floor, making the beds, cleaning the cabinets can help you burn upto 238 calories per hour. 

4. Clean the windows – Spotless and squeaky clean windows are a difficult task to achieve, however, the fact that they help burn atleast 200 calories per hour should get you excited about this otherwise tedious chore. 

5. Snow shoveling – If you’re blessed with heavy snowfall for a couple of months in the year and are looking to lose weight, viola! Shoveling snow can help burn an average of 476 calories per hour. That’s not only equivalent to a wholesome slice of cake, but also 2 servings of McDonalds french fries (small container). 

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