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5 Ways to motivate yourself to exercise

Shake those lazy bones and apply these simple ways to motivate yourself to exercise.

Morning is a time when you feel exceptionally lazy, especially during winters, and skipping your morning exercise schedule seems like a dream. When you muster up enough courage to get off your comfortable bed, it becomes easier day after day to follow a routine. It all starts with the first step – motivation. Here are a few ways that can help you motivate yourself to exercise in the morning.

motivate yourself to exercise

1. Find a partner for exercise – It is always difficult to wake up alone, but it can be quite motivating to have a friend for company. When you are not able to wake up early, your friend can positively goad you to get moving. Ask a friend or a relative who lives nearby.

2. Keep your alarm clock away away from your bed – Instead of keeping the alarm clock next to your bed, make sure that you keep it at a distance or on the other side. This will force you to get up from your bed and shut the alarm clock.

3. Set a target – If you don’t have a target, you might not be able to achieve what you wanted. But if you set goals, it may motivate you to exercise. Do not set a hard goal, but an easy one, so you are not disappointed if it is not achieved.

4. Music – Get an iPod and store some exciting songs in it. Music has a way to reset your and refresh you thinking, making you feel more energetic.

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