5 habits that are likely to cause to belly fat : Slimming Products

5 habits that are likely to cause to belly fat

Exasperated of your increasing waistline? A few habits that might be causing belly flab.

Are those extra inches around the tummy giving you sleepless night? Then it’s time to review a few habits you thought were innocuous, but are actually fueling your tummy fat anxiety.

Here are 5 habits that contribute to belly fat.

1. Consuming low fat food items – Tricked into believing that all those low fat products are actually beneficial? Low fat foods may seem like the ultimate healthy option on face value, but in reality, they are the cause of all that weight gain around the waist. Low fat foods are often high on sugar, thus, causing more fat storage in the body.

2. Midnight binging – Midnight hunger pangs can be hard to resist, but giving into them means signing away your hopes for a trim belly. Weight loss around the stomach is nearly impossible if you eat really late during the night or even worse, in between your sleep. Eating really late or just a couple of hours before you sleep is bad because your body is reclining on a full stomach, thus, gravity cannot work and none of your food is digested properly. Avoid midnight binging Nigella Lawson style!

3. Drinking Sodas – Carbonated drinks or sodas are loaded with copious amounts of unnatural sugar in them, not only does this contribute to unhealthy teeth and but also aids all that fat accumulation around the waistline. Also, the high sugar makes you hungrier than normal, thus increasing your appetite. Sodas are double trouble!

4. Lack of sleep – Are you depriving yourself of beauty sleep? That’s what is probably causing your jeans size to increase. Lack of sleep causes a hormone called cortisol to increase, which is basically a stress hormone that ultimately leads the body to crave for more sweet foods. Thus, the more sugary your diet, the further you move away from weight loss around the belly.

5. Stay hydrated – Get high on water. Having a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day will help maintain fluid levels in the body and will also keep water retention (bloating) at bay. A lean stomach is an achievable goal if you drink enough water in a day; lack of hydration leads you to eat more when thirsty. So keep sipping on H2O all day long. 

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