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5 foods that are actually not low in carbs

When on a diet, people usually go in for foods that are low in carbs. Not many are aware that there are certain foods that might be low in carbs but are not so low as you think. Here are a few foods you need slow down while eating.

low carbs1. Cheese – Cheese is considered as one of the low carb foods. But before you binge in to it make sure that you consult a calorie count expert. Count the calories in every ounce that you consume.

2. Nuts – Nuts are nutritious and low enough on carbs but not very low as you think. Nuts like cashews  have a lot of starch which can add up to your actual calorie count.

3. Non starchy veggies – Veggies are indeed good for the body but many people get carried away. Certain roots like beets and parsnips  are known to be the carbiest. Vegetables which are the fruit of the plant  like tomatoes, squash and eggplant  can be eaten in limits.

4. Fruits – Fruits contains plenty of nutrients and minerals, but having excess of them can become sugary. Even half a cup of berries (which is lowest in sugar levels) has twice the sugar  as half a cup of tomato.

5. Condiments – Beware of the market condiments like ketchup as a single  tablespoon has a teaspoon of sugar in it. Watchout for  the labels before you buy the salad dressings  and other bottled sauces.

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