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4 Office junk food indulges to be avoided

Office is usually a place where you work and earn a living. Not many realize that office is a place where you also need some energy to do ample work so that you perform efficiently. At the same time you also need to make sure that you take care of your diet and do not overeat and put on weight.

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1. Colleague’s yummy lunch box – It is not essential that your colleague might bring something diet friendly for lunch. Do not share his/her lunch box as it can become tempting and want you to have more of it. Do not grab a few pieces even if offered and even if you are forced then you can just do some formality.

2. Junk food breakfast – While you are heading to the office without breakfast, then do not catch a friend or a colleague and go for a junk food breakfast. Often when you have a company you tend to eat junk and in excess. Always make sure to have nutritious breakfast.

3. Office celebration – If it is your boss’s birthday, do not indulge in the snack party too much. So just to give company, you can have a bowl of fresh fruits or sip a cup of coffee.

4. Snack vending machine – Most of the vending machines in the office often have junk food. Even if there is one in your office, have one avoid making a visit to the vending machine and grab a fruit instead.

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