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5 ways to get rid of junk food addiction

Beat the junk food addiction with these simple tips.

Junk food is synonymous with being a teenager, while small quantities of it maybe harmless, but living on it can be fatal.

Here are a few ways to beat junk food addiction.

junk food addiction

1. Examine the time of your cravings – Try keeping a time check on your junk food cravings. Once you are aware of you body clock, then you can plan your meals accordingly. For example, if you know you get hungry at around 4:00 PM everyday, you can always eat a bowl of fruit or drink a tall glass of juice, the water and fibre content will keep you full and ward away the craving for junk.

2. Go broke – Keeping a low cash reserve in your wallet might help! Having some quick cash often leads to spending on junk food like a packet of chips or a soda. Plastic money (credit cards) are always an option, but there is always that urge to spend money that you physically have, try out this method, you might just be inclined to have a healthy home meal more often. 

4. Listen to music – Listening to music can help you divert your mind from unhealthy cravings. It also helps you to feel energetic and can give you positive thoughts about diet and nutrition.

5. Buy healthy stuff – While shopping for groceries, you must consciously avoid the aisles stacked with unhealthy foods. Go to the section where fresh fruits and veggies are stacked.

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