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5 types of fun workout sessions

Losing calories should not be dreadful, you need to try these 5 types of fun workout sessions.

A regular working out session might be boring and strenuous, but why should it be like this?  Have you thought of ways to  make it fun and interesting so that you start enjoying the fact that you are burning calories? We have 5 types of fun workout sessions that are great alternatives to boring sweaty workouts.


1. Aqua Zumba – What can be better exercise than to put on your swimsuit and take a dip in the pool while dancing away against the natural resistance of water? It’s Aqua Zumba! This type of exercise is done in chest-deep water and your body movements tend to get tougher in water, but that just makes this workout a lot more fun despite it being a bit difficult. The brighter side? No sweating!

2. Jump – Eddie Van Halen was not kidding when he made that famous song “Jump”.  Jumping can be a great way to shed some weight especially if you can get access to a trampoline gym. As long as you have no physical injuries, you might want to try jumping on a trampoline – it gives you that wonderful feeling  of flying in the air and surely makes your workout session a fun one. Just be sure to be properly supervised, but other than that, “go ahead and JUMP!”

3. Hula Hoop – It does not matter if you do not know how to use a hula hoop, all you need to do is pick up one and make your way to the playground. There are many more exercises which can be done with a hula hoop as it is a fun and low impact way to burn calories. Also called the “Belly-buster”, try spinning the hula hoop in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner, it will teach you a new art while making you slimmer, that is a good deal indeed!

4. Hit the night club – The night club is also a great place for you to hit the dance floor and have loads of fun. If you have the company of friends, you can burn calories while dancing on the dance floor for hours. Abstaining from hard liquor would be a good option though.

5. Hiking trip – Instead of a regular workout, plan a hiking trip with your spouse or friends. This also helps you to take time out of the regular routine and can have some interesting physical and mental benefits, besides the fact that you can discover some great places.

So the next time you dread that crazy workout, prepare yourself to try these fun workouts.

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