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5 Organization ideas to help lose weight

Are you one of those who aim to lose weight but are tangled in running up and down in the house with household chores and work. When you cannot find time at home there are a few organization hacks and tips which can actually help you to feel relaxed and get some fat reduced.


1. Kitchen memo board reminders – Your goals are of no use if you do not remember them at the beginning of the day. Have kitchen board reminders so that you are reminded of your goals everyday. Also have a healthy grocery list so that the refrigerator is stocked with diet friendly stuff.

2. Have clean kitchen platforms – Make sure that your kitchen counter tops are always clean so that you are always ready to make diet friendly stuff. Do not keep potato chips, cereal boxes or baked food visible on the kitchen platforms.

3. Hide the cookie jars – Hide away the cookie jar to a place you forget that it exists. You can also replace the cookies with dog treats or other healthier items in the jar.

4. Use smaller bowls – When on a diet use smaller plates or bowls to eat so that the portion gets reduced and you do not need an extra serving after one. A portion control is much easier as it satisfies your hunger to a great extent.

5. Use decorative jars for healthy stuff – Use some decorative and attractive jars to stuff whole grains and healthy food and put them on display. If you see them more often you tend to eat them more.

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