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4 Mistakes which can lead to weight gain

You might be in a very promising weight loss program, but there are a few factors which can lead you towards the wrong path that can lead to a weight gain instead of weight loss. Here are a few mistakes which can lead to weight gain.

weight loss mistakes

1. Not having ample exercise – You are surely going the right way by exercising, but there are possibilities that you might not be running enough. This depends on the number of calories that you consume and your exercise regime must be good enough to give it a balance.

2. Not having enough fluids – Fluids or water is essential to wash away the fat and toxins from the body. Have ample water before you begin your exercise and after you have finished burning calories, you can have more after some rest. It is essential to have at least 6 to 8 ounces of fluid every 20 minutes of runs.

3. Not consuming enough protein – Exercise burns fat as well as nutrients, which has to be balanced with a balanced diet. Your diet must include ample proteins and vitamins. Not having enough proteins and vitamins can lead to deficiency and even weight gain.

4. Not eating properly after exercise – After a good and tiring session of exercise or run it is essential to provide your body with proper fuel and energy. Have a balanced diet filled with enough nutrition and energy.

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