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Top 5 high protein, but low calorie foods

Combine more protein with less fat with these high protein, but low calorie foods.

A weight loss program has a lot of demands, on one hand you need to watch what you eat and at the same time you need to keep your body energized enough for all the strenuous exercise routine.  

Lucky for you, we have a list of the top 5 foods that combine both low calories as well as high protein levels.

high protein, but low calorie foods

1. Roasted or boiled chicken – Chicken is the best option to have in terms of meat. Make sure that it is boiled or roasted with minimum or no oil. About three slices of chicken contains more than 10 mg of protein and has less than 50 calories.

2. Egg whites – Eggs are rich in proteins, but if you want to cut the cholesterol levels then more egg whites and less yolks are the recommendation.

One cup of egg white contains just 117 calories which provides more than 26 mg of proteins and cuts on the cholesterol levels. Eggs are the best way to treat your body with proteins and plus, eggs help you keep full for longer, keeping at bay unwanted hunger pangs.

3. Sea food – Sea food can be one of the best sources of protein. Fish such as monkfish, tuna, clams, crayfish and cuttlefish are good sources of protein. Tuna has 22gms of protein and just 99 calories. Also, Salmon fish has 33 gms of protein, but is a little high on calories.

4. Cheese – Cottage cheese can be a better option as it has 15 mg of protein and contains 104 calories per cup.

5. Soy – Soy can be a great low-calorie snack as it has plenty of proteins, yet less calories. A single serving of soy snack contains 12 g of proteins and 120 calories.

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