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Top 5 foods with maximum calories

These might be the most delicious foods, but they also have the maximum amount of calories.

Calorie counting is probably the cornerstone of the weight loss world. Keeping a track of one’s calories is the most basic rule for weight loss practitioner and exercisers. Calories are units of measurement that ultimately translate into energy. Each individuals calories intake requirements are different, depending on weight loss goals and body metabolism.  

foods with maximum calories

If you are making your debut into the dieting world, then here are 5 foods with the highest amount of calories in them; these should be eaten in moderation and not completely banished.

1. Salmon – Every 3 ounces of of salmon contains about 152 calories. Though it has plenty of proteins it is too fatty  and must be consumed in extreme moderation by weight watchers. 

2. Beef – Just three medium sized slices of beef contains 152 calories. Everyone loves a slobbery huge serving off beef with generous dollops of mashed potato, but this red meet is not going to be kind to you on the tread mill, instead, switch to lean and white meats like chicken and certain kinds of fish.

3. Dry fruits or nuts – Nuts can be considered as a great snack when hungry. They are healthy, but not many people realize that they contain too much of salt and have plenty of calories. Too much of salt can increase blood pressure levels, even if you opt for unsalted ones, buts are naturally fatty and high in calories. Have them, but don’t overdoes on them.

4. Bananas – Banana can be a great healthy fruit, but just one large banana can have 130 calories and if they are added to shakes or cereal, then the count increases further. Yes, you can swap them for a meal, as they have a high nutritious value. 

5. Chocolate – This sinful brown food is not merciful to your flab. An average bar of chocolate comes laden with 200 to 400 calories and the sugar levels play havoc with hormones and leave you craving for more. Opt for dark chocolate instead. 

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