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6 beverages that help with weight loss

Drink right and lose weight, 6 beverages that help with weight loss.

A liquid diet is a much hyped fad when it comes to weight loss, but not all liquids/beverages are going to help you lose those undesired pounds. 

drinks for weight loss

Here is a list of the top 6 beverages or drinks that can help you lose weight.

1. Black Coffee – That morning cup of pipping hot coffee is a good thing. Caffeine suppresses hunger and thus, keeps appetite under control. Coffee is also known to help with stimulating thermogenesis – aids heat production in the body and powers metabolism. For maximum results avoid sugar and milk contents mixed in coffee.

2. Flavored water – Bored of having tasteless water? Opt for water infused with tangy citrus fruits, mint leaves or herbs. Copious amounts of water help rid the body of excess fluids, adding a little flavor to it just means tricking your body into having the needed amount of water, just with a different taste and feel. Beware of artificial sweeteners which completely defeat the purpose of weight loss.

3. Watermelon juice – Watermelon is a great way to naturally hydrate the body and is also filled with generous portions of nutrients. The water content in watermelon also helps keep the stomach full and hunger pangs at bay.

4. Skim Milk – If you’re tied up with a rigorous work out schedule to shed those extra kilos, skim milk is the perfect drink as it contains lean proteins. It also contains Vitamin D and calcium which aid healthy bones.

5. Vegetable juices – You might not like the sound of the word veggie, but it has to be on your plate or in your glass! Vegetable juices are excellent for weight loss because of the high fiber and nutrient content in them, they also keep you full for longer, hence, keeping those binging urges at bay.

6. Dark chocolate drink – Yes, its involves chocolate and it is good for weight loss! Though one serving of dark chocolate smoothie has 400 calories, it is bound to satiate your appetite for a good 4-5 hours as dark chocolate helps to decrease appetite in general.  

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