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5 Weight loss tips for teenagers

Weight loss for teenagers needs to be carefully planned out and less restrictive.

Teenage years are a formative phase when you get worried or obsessed about how you look or how others look at you. If you are overweight and are looking forward to lose a few pounds without any hassle or harm, here are a few tips for weight loss that can help you be confident and happy.

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1. Exercise what you like – Choose a sport that you like the most; it can be swimming, skating, running other any other activity that helps burn calories. Working out does not mean that you have to follow a boring schedule of painful exercises.

2. Have fast food occasionally – Do not indulge in dieting, but at the same time avoid binging on fast food as well. However, there is no harm in having an occasional burger, unless you have it as a one time treat.

3. Develop a taste for fresh veggies and fruits – If you find fruits and veggies boring, make them interesting, according to your taste. Cut some fresh fruits that you like and sprinkle some rock salt and lemon to make them yummy and fun to eat.

4. Do not skip meals – There are no shortcuts to lose weight, as gradual weight loss lasts longer. Do not think of skipping meals, as you might end up eating more than usual and put on more weight instead of losing.

5. Do not fall for diet pills – Unless you exercise and eat healthy, there is no other practical way to lose weight. Pills these days which claim to lose weight often do not work as expected.

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