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5 ways to stay away from cravings during weight loss

Don’t give into satan’s temptation! Follow these easy ways to stay away from cravings.

Staying away from cravings is the most difficult and challenging thing to do when you are trying to lose weight. When you are on a fixed diet, there are many foods that might come our way and lead us to being tempted.


Here are a few ways that can help steer clear of temptations.

1. Try a trick – Try having a glass full of water with lemon and wait for ten minutes. The drink will make you feel full and will handle the problem if you have mistaken your thirst for hunger.

2. Take a nap – Cravings usually begin when you are tired of work or are focusing on a single thing for a long time. To avoid this, just isolate yourself and take a nap to feel energetic and fresh.

3. Indulge in nuts instead – Nuts are a good substitute for cravings, instead of opting for a packet of chips, have a handful of mixed nuts. They are healthy and will also make you feel full.

4. Have small meals – Avoid having long gaps between meals. Instead of the traditional breakfast, lunch, dinner, opt for 4 to 5 small meals. This way, you body will consume less calories and will also help you to feel full throughout the day.

5. Divert your mind – Very often, cravings to munch on unhealthy foods comes from being idle, keep your mind active and occupied.

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