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5 fruits that help with weight loss

Failing to lose those inches? 5 Fruits that will surely aid weight loss.

The world of weight loss can be the most bewildering at times, with myriad health gurus spewing health and weight loss tips by the hour, what to do and what not to do can be extremely confusing. 

fruits for weight loss

Here is a list 5 fruits that can help you with your daily weight loss plan.

1. Pears – This humble green fruit is packed with a component called Pectin fibre, which helps scale down blood sugar levels and in turn, cuts down the unhealthy urge to snack in-between meals.

2. Bananas – Bananas’ uses are manifold, and au contraire to popular belief  – bananas are not good while dieting as they have too many calories – these power-packed fruits not only provide copious amounts of fibre, but also help to get rid of water retention (which causes bloating) owing to the high levels of potassium in them.

3. Papaya – This tropical fruit might not be on your list of favorite fruits, but its innate ability to help with weight loss might change your liking. Papayas contain a miracle enzyme called papain which boosts the digestion of proteins in your body, inturn speeding up the break down of food consumed. Bloating, a problem caused by the slowing down of food procession in the body, is thus settled down.

4. Pineapple – Think raw pineapple and not only pineapple upside down! These lemon yellow hued juicy fruits have naturally high levels of fructose which definitely helps keep those intense sweet cravings at bay.

5. Peaches – Peaches aren’t only limited to their use in beauty products, these exotic flavored fruits are full of laxative properties, which obviously help cleanse the body of all impurities.

However, the most important magic of peaches is that it helps cut belly flab! A cause of concern for almost half of the world’s health freaks, losing weight around the stomach can be quite an uphill task. Peaches have diuretic (any substance that helps produce urine) essences packed in them and hence help in shedding of any extra fluids – leading to a trim belly.

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