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5 Foods you can enjoy while dieting

Diets don’t always have to be torturous, there are foods that you can enjoy while on a diet.

Dieting and weight loss requires as much commitment as any other activity in the world, not only do you have to sacrifice your regular foods, but also have to completely adapt to a whole new diet and these diets are not necessarily be enjoyable.

However, here are 5 foods that you can gorge on even while on a weight loss program; they are enjoyable and not as torturous as bland salads.



Foods you can enjoy while dieting

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1. Protein packed eggs – Eggs can be healthy in any form and can be eaten no matter whatever diet you are following. They are packed with proteins and can be combined with other healthy stuff like mushrooms, fresh veggies and more.


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2. Bread – Yes, carbohydrates are demonized by dietitians, but they aren’t as harmful if had in the right form.

You do not have to sacrifice bread while on a diet. There is also an option to have brown whole wheat bread which has plenty of nutrients and high levels of fibre. Hence, those trying to lose extra inches, you don’t need to completely avoid carbs.

You can make a healthy and crunchy veggie sandwich, not only will it keep you full for longer, but will also make for a satiating meal as opposed to just a glass of juice or salad.


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3. Nut butter – Instead of jam, butter or cheese spreads, you can opt for nutty butters like peanut , cashew or almond butter which are a much healthier option and also makes you feel full for longer time.

Peanut butter has healthy fat and lots of protein, hence, your jar of Skippy earns its rightful place in your weight loss plan .

nutty butter

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4. Fatless milk – If you feel hungry and feel like having a snack, try having a glass of skimmed milk which has 9 grams protein and plenty of calcium. Its has lesser calories than regular milk and the protein levels are good for serious gym goers.


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5. Low fat cheese – Yes, you can also have cheese which is low in fat and is easily available in the market these days. They can be a good snack if accompanied by whole grain crackers.


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