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5 easy ways to maintain weight while vacationing

Wondering how to keep those lost kilos at bay while on a vacation? Here’s how!

Travel and vacation is a time when it becomes difficult to maintain a weight loss schedule. While on vacation, people generally eat more than usual as we relax and indulge our senses for a short period. 

maintain weigt while on vacation

Here are a few tips which can help reduce or maintain weight while on vacation.

1. Drink plenty of water – Try drinking plenty of water which will make you feel full and also keep you hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

2. Avoid cooked food – Instead of any cooked food, make sure that you have cereal, whole grain toast or fruits for breakfast. If you have to eat in a restaurant order a bowl of vegetables. Also avoid any fast food like burgers, fries, cookies and muffins.

3. Watch your portions – The Size of your food portions always matters, so remember to keep a watch on your portions. Be careful not to gobble on food just because you are on a vacation and the buffet is unlimited! Opt for À la carte instead.

4. Share food – When you are eating out, order 3 meals for four people and divide that in four. This will help you to keep a watch on the portions and keep overeating at bay.

5. Walk whenever possible – Whenever you get an opportunity, try to walk. We tend to forget our workout schedules when we are out traveling for business or pleasure. When you are in a hotel room, do not keep staring at the TV, instead, indulge in some exercise like pushups or crunches, this will help your keep fit. 

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