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5 easy cooking tips to help lose weight

Tweak your kitchen habits with these easy cooking tips that will help lose weight.

When you are trying to lose weight, there are several options to cut extra calories in the cooking process. Instead of eating less, one can make healthy food using innovative cooking techniques. 


Here are a few cooking tips which can be handy to cut down on fat and calories.

1. Use non-stick pans– The market these days is filled with several good quality non-stick pans. Non- Stick pans allow for less usage of oil, thus, food automatically becomes healthy with less oil and unnecessary fat.

2. Include more vegetables and less meat – As far as possible, reduce the amount of meat in your diet and add more of vegetables. When you shop, opt for fresh, green and leafy vegetables instead of meat. 

3. Chose lean meat – If you’re the kind who can’t do without a daily dose of meat, then opt for low fat and high on protein meats such as chicken and fish. Meats such as pork and beef are high on fat content and more difficult to digest. Hence, if losing weight is on your mind, opt for a grilled chicken or fish instead of a beef steak.

4. Save stock – When you are cooking chicken, do not throw the stock. Instead, save the stock as it acts as a good substitute for oil and keeps the meat moist without you having to add any external fat. 

5. Use a measuring scale – A kitchen measuring scale can be a great option to measure the portion size. Eat small portions at frequent intervals as opposed to hogging up all at once. 

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