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5 Benefits of low calorie sweeteners

Including low calorie sweeteners in your daily diet is good, but in moderation.

Several allegations have been made on low calorie sweeteners for having more harmful effects on the human body than benefits. However, there are various studies which have backed the advantages of these sweeteners, especially in terms of weight loss.


1. Successful weight reduction – On a regular basis, the calories that we ingest mostly are from sweets and sugar. With the help of low-calorie sweeteners, the calorie intake can be reduced, assisting in weight loss.

2. Helps maintain weight – Including low calorie sweeteners on a daily basis does not increase sugar cravings, as you are continuing to consume it. Any cravings you may have surely subside, helping you maintain your weight.

3. Provides greater variety of food items – People who cannot consume regular sweets, especially diabetics, can continue to have various forbidden food items with the help of low calorie sweeteners. These days a variety of low sugar or sugar free food items can be bought from stores.

4. Good for dental health – Regular sweets usually ferment in the mouth and lead to tooth decay. But low calorie sweeteners do not contribute to tooth decay as they do not form acids in the mouthin the first place.

5. Safe for diabetic patients – Diabetic patients who crave to have sweets on an occasional basis can opt for sweets that are made of low calorie sweeteners. These sweeteners not only help reduce calory intake, but also lowers the risk of increased blood sugar levels.

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