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4 Ways to lose weight with your partner

Romance is not just about intimacy but is about being together and giving company to each other under all circumstances. Whether it is work or workout, you and your partner can be great companions for each other. Here are a few ways you can actually try losing weight together.

workout with partner

1. Challenge each other in a race – This is definitely a fun way to spend time and also lose weight. You just need to challenge your partner with a race and see who has the best timing. You can also try a three legged run together which will not just give you a workout but will also improve your compatibility with each other.

2. Yoga together – There cannot be a more relaxing way than yoga and it is even better to do it with a company. If you do not know anything about yoga then you can buy a health CD or follow a TV program on yoga.

3. Rock climbing – If you love adventure then rock climbing is definitely you need to go through with your partner. The task of pulling up you whole body up on the rocks gives you a good exercise and helps you to reduce weight. Just make sure that you do it under expert supervision.

4. Biking – This is another fun way to spend time and burn calories at the same time. Mountain biking can be a beter option as it offers more adventure.

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