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4 ways to avoid hair fall during weight loss

Don’t ignore hair health while trying to lose weight.

Very often in a bid to get thin and trim we ignore our body’s nutritional needs. Diet fads, crash diets, excessive work outs all throw the normal harmony of the body out of gear. Hair fall is one such symptom of rigorous weight loss regimes. Hair growth has certain nutritional requirements which might not be met while on a weight loss program.

hair fall during weight loss

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Here are a few tips you can follow to avoid hair loss while trying to lose weight.

1. Consume enough proteins – Our hair is mostly made of proteins, so it is obvious that you need to consume enough proteins when you are watching your weight. Eggs and fish are a great source of proteins which can be relished even when you are on a diet or a weight loss spree.

2. Consume enough calories – Do not restrict your calorie intake in an extreme manner or else, it might lead to severe hair loss. The body needs enough energy to be distributed to every part and if nutrition is lacking, then it might lead to side effects like hair loss.

3. Opt for supplements – Nutrition through supplements can be a calorie free and an easier method to get the required amount of nutrients into the body. There are multivitamin supplements which are easily available and can fulfill the requirements of the body.

4. Consume whole grains – Include whole grains, fruits (not juices) and leafy vegetables (as they contain iron) in your diet. The National Anemia Action proves that lack of iron is one of the major reasons for hair loss. Fruits contain vitamins A,C and E, while grains and vegetables have iron.

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