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4 Most underestimated ways to lose weight

Whether it is Atkins or GM diet, nothing beats these sensible basic methods to lose weight.

The new era has plenty of new ways and fad diets which can help to lose weight. But there are also a few most simple things which are normally underestimated by people while they are on a weight loss spree. Here are a few ways you can achieve that drop in weight with.

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1. Turn off the idiot box – It is a normal practice to watch TV when you are having meals or snacks. Switching off the TV helps reduce the number of calories, as research says that TV encourages people to snack. hence, it is advisable to spend less time in front of the TV and indulge in some other activities.

2. Stop consumption of alcohol – Many of the most sincere dieters indulge in at least moderate drinking. But they do not realize that alcohol and other beverages work as a bonus on the weight and adds a good number of calories. This surely interferes in weight loss and makes the regime harder.

3. Stop dieting – Dieting is one of the main culprits of weight loss. The body must not be deprived of essential nutrients or it might have a reverse effect. Dieting also increases cravings, which cannot be controlled for long, as you can end up eating more than usual.

4. Change of medication – There are also chances that weight gain can be a result of the medications that you are having for blood pressure, diabetes or mood disorder. Consult a doctor if the medicines are causing weight gain.

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