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4 tips to prevent childhood obesity

Keep your child’s health intact and prevent obesity with these easy tips.

The 21st century has altered the way in which children are growing up, playing outside the house is less preferred an option these days; playstation and television are the more vied for.

In such an environment, physical activity becomes rare and thus, kids are prone to obesity.

tips to prevent childhood obesity

Here are a few ways in which childhood obesity can be prevented.

1. Conduct regular checkups – Even if your child remains healthy most of the time, do make sure to visit a doctor for regular health checkups. This will ensure that your child’s growth is steady and healthy.

2. Set an example yourself – Children often emulate their parents, hence, as a parent you need to set a healthy example for your child. Avoid eating junk food, make sure that you involve your child in regular physical activity and follow an exercise regime yourself.

3. Ensure ample rest – Make sure that your children are getting ample rest. Studies have shown that children who do not get enough sleep are at a risk of being overweight. Typically, school going children need to sleep for a minimum of 10 hours, while younger children need 12 hours of sleep.

4. Healthy eating habits – Encourage your children to have a balanced and healthy diet which includes fresh vegetables, at least one fruit a day, whole grains and protein rich foods. Limit foods that have empty calories. Consumption of sodas, chips and other such junk should be avoided as far as possible.

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