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4 Things not to say to a person on a diet

Losing weight is indeed a challenge and if you know a person who is trying to lose weight, then you better mind your words and make sure that you do not budge any statements that might hurt them. Here is what ‘not’ to say to a dieter.


1. Unwanted advice – A dieter is already going through a challenge by keeping themselves away from cravings. If the dieter has not requested for an advice then do not say anything at all.

2. Never discourage – Statements like ‘Your dieting again?’ can discourage the dieter and this might force them to look behind the failed attempts. It is better to compliment and encourage the dieters for their attempts so they are more determined to do so.

3. Do not be judgemental – Do not say statements like ‘you do not need to lose weight’. Leave the decision completely on the one who has already decided to do it. The intentions might be good but such statements can be viewed as a sabotage.

4. Do not force to binge – People who are on a diet should not be forced to binge on something mouthwatery. It is better to support the dieter’s decision by not handing over any foods that can spoil the diet plan.

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