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4 health benefits & effects of fasting

Is it good to fast or not? We got the top 4 health benefits & effects of fasting.

SlimmingProducts.net: The actual effects and facts surrounding fasting have been argued for ages. Ritual fasting is a common tradition in many communities around the world, be it during Lent or Ramzan. Not many are aware that fasting actually has some health benefits, besides certain effects on the body. Here are 4 health benefits & effects of fasting:


1. Reduced risk of cancer – Fasting can reduce the rate of cell division. An American Journal of Physiology study says that when the body is deprived of certain nutrients it helps in preventing certain cancers. But this does not mean that you must solely fast to prevent cancer, a good diet and exercise is vital.

2. Fasting can never take the place of a healthy diet – Fasting takes away and deprives the body of the essential nutrients as well as glucose. So a healthy and balanced diet is always a better option over leaving your body without any nutrients.

3. Good for the heart – If you fast for at least once a month, it can help fight heart diseases and also increased your resistance to insulin. When you fast, the fat cells can be metabolized and used as a fuel for the body.

4. Fasting drops glucose levels – When you are fasting, the glucose levels of the body drops and the body  starts depending on the glucose which is stored in the body already.

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