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4 easy ways to reduce arm fat

Arm fat is a common problem faced by several women. These days many women are facing the problem of toning up their arms. One of the easiest way is to be physically active but this does not mean that you need to join a gym. Here are a few ways by which you can have properly toned arms.

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1. Practice Stretching – Stretching of your legs and hands do not need to have a particular exercise time. When when you are working on the computer or somewhere else, you can casually stretch your arms whenever you find time in the day. This will keep you active and also in shape.

2. Skipping – Not many people are aware that skipping is one of the best activities that help toning up. Skipping is one of the best cardio workouts which can burn fat from the body and can also help in toning up the arms.

3. Wrist activity – Try rotating your wrists often, this affects the shoulders and the lower arms which are one of the most fatty areas. Hold two pounds of dumbells in each hand and stand straight. Keep you hands extended and straight, and slowly twist your wrists inwards and outwards.

4. Reverse pull ups – Do this while you are seated on the floor and place your hands behind the hips with fingers pointing towards the butt. Keep the legs and knees pressed together and feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift your hip upwards and bend your right arm and lower your butt towards the floor without touching it.

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