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4 Drinks that can spoil your weight loss plan

Drinking plenty of fluids can help to lose weight, but not all fluids aid weight loss. There are a few drinks which can ruin your diet plan. Here are a few drinks that can ruin your weight loss regime.

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1. Smoothies – Smoothies can be a great food to replace a meal at times when you are too busy and do not have any time to cook. Many times people over indulge as you tend to throw too many ingredients in to the blender. Measure the ingredients properly and make sure that it does not exceed 200 calories.

2. Soda – Soda can contain high calories. If you are having soda everyday then you might be consuming more than 200,000 extra calories every year and you also tend to spend hundreds of dollars on the drinks.

3. Sports beverages – This is one of the biggest mistakes health conscious people make. Sports beverages contain high calories and depends on the drinks that you chose. You might end up consuming more calories than required. Water is actually the best way to be hydrated while workout.

4. Coffee – For many people coffee is a habit that is hard to break. But you can have better options like not adding creamer as it is full of fat.

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