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4 Benefits of becoming a vegetarian during weight loss

Does banishing meat from one’s diet actually work? Find out  the benefits of becoming a vegetarian during weight loss.

The vegetarian fad has caught on like wild fire in the past couple of years. However, any diet fad needs examination before it can prove its mettle. Here are the top 4 benefits of being a vegetarian weight watcher.

vegetarian during weight loss

1. Improves digestion – Vegetables contain plenty of fibre which is essential for the body to eliminate waste. Almost all plants are good for digestion, while meat on the other hand does not contain fibre and exerts pressure on the digestive system. Consuming meat can also lead to constipation and growth of harmful bacteria.

2. Aids weight loss – Plants and vegetables have high water and fibre content which is crucial for a weight loss diet. People who are overweight lose 10 percent of their body weight after they switch to a vegetarian way of life. Vegetables have less saturated fat and are a healthier option in general.

3. Has anti-ageing properties – Vegetarian food has high anti-oxidant levels. Fruits like berries fight the cellular damage which is caused by unstable oxygen molecules aka free radicals. One of the main causes of ageing is free radicals which are found in cooked food and polluted air.

4. Reduces chances of cancer – Various researches claim that people who are vegetarians are 40% less likely to get cancer. A simple reason behind this is that vegetarians tend to be thinner and obesity is linked to risk of cancer. However, this effect of vegetarianism is still largely debated. 

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