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3 reasons why Greek yogurt is good for weight loss

Regular yogurt is healthy, but Greek yogurt helps with weight loss.

Greek yogurt is an increasingly curious fad that is creating a buzz in the diet world. But have you ever wondered why exactly is this fad catching up? Surely not just because of its exotic sounding name! 

Greek yogurt is good for weight loss

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What is the difference between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt and regular yogurt are both made in the same way, both are derived from the fermentation process of milk that has been injected with a certain type of healthy bacteria.

Once the yogurt thickens it is strained with the help of a cheesecloth or a very fine muslin cloth, this is done so that the liquid whey is strained out; here lies the main difference, Greek yogurt is strained thrice, while the normal one is strained twice. 

The extra straining is what ultimately makes the difference. 

So here are three reasons why Greek yogurt is good to shape up.

1. Less sodium – Greek yogurt contains less amount of sodium compared to regular yogurt. One cup of Greek yogurt contains around 50 milligrams of sodium which is almost half than what is there in regular yogurt. More sodium levels in the body aid water retention, which in turn facilitates weight gain and bloating. 

2.Less carbohydrates – Greek yogurt also has half the amount of carbs in comparison to regular yogurt. One cup of Greek Yogurt has around 5- 8 grams of carbohydrates in comparison to the 13-17 grams that are present in regular yogurt. Weight watchers who are looking out for the lowest possible carb intake can opt for Greek yogurt.

3.Higher protein levels – Since a lot of the liquid whey is skimmed out of the yogurt, more amount of milk goes into the making of Greek yogurt, hence, more protein. So, for serious gym goers in a bid to lose weight, Greek yogurt will provide you with all the extra protein you need. 

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