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5 Foods that help to suppress appetite

Control your hunger without starving to death! Learn about appetite suppressing foods.

Cravings and frequent hunger pangs are an unavoidable part of life, however, regular and uncontrollable urges to binge eat or eat in general aren’t very healthy. Appetite needs to be kept in check and regularized in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fit body.  

Below is a list of foods which can help to suppress your appetite and help with weight loss.

Foods that help to suppress appetite

1. Apples – Apples are known for balancing blood sugar levels in the body. The fruit contains plenty of fibre and makes you feel full. As the blood sugar levels are maintained, there are less chances of crashing of sugar levels which are the root cause of hunger pangs. 

2. Green tea – Green tea has many contents in it which are beneficial for the body. It has a phytonutrient known as the epigallocatechin gallate, which boosts the level of cholecystokinin in the body – a hormone that creates the feeling of satiety. When you feel full between meals, you consume less food.

3. Nuts – Hunger pangs strike in between meals, nuts can be of help here as they help feel full for longer and are also a healthier option in comparison to snacks or sodas. Nuts contain healthy fats and also keep the cholesterol levels low.

4. Spicy food – Certain studies have shown that eating spicy food can leave you feeling full for a longer time and is also good for the metabolism of the body.

5. Mint – Not many are aware that mint is a good appetite suppressant. You can have mint with tea or can even burn a mint flavored candle.

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