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5 Egg snack ideas that help weight watchers

Not many are aware that eggs not just help to provide protein source for the body, but also help people who are watching their weight. Here are a few ways eggs can help those who are trying to lose weight.


1. Not just for breakfast – Eggs are not essentially just breakfast, they can also be a great snack. You just need to avoid the yellow portion of the egg and have a good serving of egg white as an evening snack before dinner.

2. Egg as a hard boiled snack – Take a few eggs and hard boil them. Scoop out the yolks and sprinkle some salt and pepper to have a great snack that will make you feel full.

3. Eggs as a salad – Chop some white portion of hard boiled eggs and throw them in to a bowl of green salad to make a great snack.

4. Eggs in a wrap – Be a little more creative and wrap some scrambled eggs in a tortilla and this can be a yummy snack for breakfast or in the evening.

5. Eggs with oatmeal – Yes, oats can be taken by slowly stirring in egg white in to the simmering oatmeal. This will also increase the portion size with protein count.

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