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4 Easy ways for thyroid patients to lose weight

The most frustrating part for a thyroid patient is losing weight. Thyroid affects metabolism of the body due to which it becomes difficult to shed that fat. But here are a few surprisingly simple ways by which people with thyroid can lose weight.

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1. Get enough sleep – Sleep is one of the most Important factors. Make sure that you get enough sleep if you need to lose weight. At least 7 hours of sleep is essential to help in your focus.
2. Try going gluten-free – There is some connection between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. There are many patients who have reported weight loss when they switched to gluten free diet. However, it is not essential that you go gluten-free for life. You can experiments for about three months to begin with.
3. Experiment with different eating ways – If you have tried one particular diet pattern and it has not worked, try another one. If you failed with a low-carb diet, try the paleo diet and see what suits you the best.
4. Check fasting sugar levels – If your fasting sugar levels are above 90 then it can be a sign of insulin resistance, which can make weight loss even more difficult. A doctor can prescribe a drug to reduce sugar levels but for people who have borderline figures, a controlled diet is the best way to reduce sugar levels.

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